Friday, March 30, 2012

Some Snapshots of Life Lately

It's been busy 'round these parts.  I can't believe it's almost April! Can you?!

Anyway, here are some Instagram (@rustikchic) snapshots of my life the last few weeks.  I'm linking up with
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I started hanging out with Jillian again.
We have a love hate relationship.

Added this lovely Spring quote to my thrift store frame.
Totally relating and feeling it.

My talented little beauty rocked a vocal competition. Her first. Proud Momma :'-)

Some gorgeous no heat sock bun curls on my little. This girl's hair is magic.

Lunch with my bestie...
Isn't she beautiful?! 
I still can't believe I have dark hair.

Instead of cleaning my craft room,
I made these.

A spring storm led to the power going out = Fun family game night by lantern! :)

Spring is also bringing pretty bits of green to our yard!

And since it is Spring, I like to drink my coffee out of a Christmas mug.

I've been adding some vintage lace pretties to the shop.


And lastly, I found these cuties(among other treasures) at the thrift store yesterday for $8!! They are from Target and were brand new, with tags:)

OH, and...
Spring Break is here!!

Let's celebrate shall we?

Starting NOW through April 7,

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Being Tender

I have always really liked Zooey Deschanel...I think she is beautiful and I am drawn to her endearing quirkiness in her acting, voice, music and style.
(plus, we were born only a day apart!)

I LOVE this quote I found last week and it 
really resonates with my heart. 

Had to share.... 

LOVE her.

You can see the original post on her blog {HERE}

I hope your week has been wonderful!

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Rustik Chic Giveaway at LOVESTITCHED!!

Just a little FYI...

I have a giveaway going on right now over at sweet Brittany's!

You could win any item of your choice from

Here are a few new shop items too...

SO... you should go enter!!

Or not.

But if you'd like a chance to win you should!! ;)

{click picture up here ^ ^ ^ to see the giveaway:)}

But most of all...

Have a happy weekend!!!!


Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Last Thing...

I ate...

A Chick-O-Stick.  or 4.
Super healthy.

I crafted...

This little pretty for the shop.

I randomly thought about...

The time my daughter's cat was lounging on the roof of my car.  Unaware of this, I drove out of my driveway up the street and down the block. I didn't know he was there until I heard a thud as he leaped off of the car and rolled to the side of the road, narrowly escaping his death.  You'll be happy to hear, he survived and ran home. 

The visual that my neighbors may have seen cracks me up..."oh there goes Krista. Driving. With her cat. On the roof. Hm?" They actually probably weren't too surprised now that I think about.

Ha:) Does stuff like this happen to anyone else?

I cooked for dinner...

Rosemary chicken with garlic zucchini.  Sounds fancy, huh?  Don't be too impressed. The 10 times before that it was mac n' cheese.

I pinned...

I may or may not be missing my blond hair.

I listened too...

Ingrid Michaelson's newest album. Love her.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pinterest Lovin


Some good advice...

Good and good for you...

I so want to make this headboard. 
Great tutorial too...

I need to start this again. 
Simple but true...

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Don't Forget

Last Friday I woke up just feeling off.  I have had a lot of life experiences jammed packed in the last year or so and on that morning I just felt like it had all caught up to me. I was feeling super anxious, scared, alone and defeated.

I had just dropped my beautiful daughter off at school, trying to change my thought pattern to focus on all the good in my life when this song came on one of my fave stations. (Sirius Coffee House Radio, fyi.)

I think I had heard it before, I really like Brett Dennen, but the words this morning were just what I needed.  I know with out a doubt I was supposed to hear this song and the words were so comforting to me and a perfect reminder.  

Sometimes we have to stop and be in the now to hear the subtle messages we are meant to hear from God, the universe, our higher selves, family passed, or whatever you believe. They can show up in simple unexpected ways, {like a little song on the radio}, but they are there.

Don't Forget by Brett Dennen

don't forget, don't forget
that I believe in you
should you forget
should you forget
let me remind
that I am behind you
you were a secret, waiting to be found out
soon be what everyone is talking about
may you spread your love like laughter
find whatever you're after
open all your windows and let the music spill out
don't forget, don't forget
that I believe in you
should you forget
should you forget
let me remind you
that I am behind
may you dance like rain upon a still lake
you make this world a beautiful place
no more crying, don't shun your light, keep shining
wipe your tears from your sweet face
don't forget, don't forget
that I believe in you
should you forget
should you forget
let me remind you
that I am behind
don't be afraid should things happen to change
'cause change can be a beautiful thing
should things fall apart
be patient like a rainbow
life is loving and letting go

Maybe you can take something from these words today too...they may mean something completely different to each of us, but hopefully a reminder that we all have something beautiful to share with the world.  We are all on our own journey and though at times it gets rough, or things change, something amazing may be just around the bend. Don't Forget, we are all loved by somebody and most importantly we are not alone. 

Here's to an amazing week!! xoxo

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