Friday, January 27, 2012

InstaFriday {my week as my phone sees it}

Hung out with Bob Marley and a delish Pinot,
{which also including night in with My Love & take out <3}...

New pretties in the shop...

Coffee & thrifting with my bestie...

Sneaking up on our little frienemies...

Finding a new grocery store mascara that I am quite pleased with...
(Maybelline Falsies, FYI)

And, a stormy, cozy soup night with my little family. :) 

How was your week?

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

BeYOU {Instagram Shots}

Always be a first rate version of yourself,
instead of a second rate version of somebody else. ~Judy Garland

Do you ever find you are complimented the most when you are
truly comfortable or confident in your appearance? 
Even if you have a unique style, when you are true it, people pick up on that self confidence...and that is attractive.

Whether it be home decor or what to wear,
I believe there is only one you.  

The way you dress yourself, or decorate your home, is a form of self expression.  I say as long as you feel authentic to yourself and surround yourself with things you love, that make you feel happy,
 you've done good.

We don't need to exactly follow the latest fad .
Instead gather inspiration from different styles, eras, or
trends to make your own authentic look.

I have done this many times...

Buying something I see on display to decorate my home and when I get it in my house, everything just feels off...

Or forced an outfit that looks amazing on someone else, 
{probably because they are dressing to authentically express themselves}, only to find I feel insecure and awkward.

Wearing mixed colors, patterns, textures, and styles is when I feel best.
A super polished look or matching too much makes me feel uncomfortable.
The complete opposite could be true for you...that is what makes us each so interesting as individuals.  Let's embrace it! 

Owl Shirt: Thrifted
Stripes: TJ Maxx
Vintage Leather Cuff: Rustik Chic
Skinny Zippered Cargos: American Eagle (last year Clearance)
Corduroy Loafers: Roxy (2009)

I felt good this me. :)

When do you feel most like 'you'?

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Insta-Friday {my week in pictures}

1. Monday was my birthday and it was great.  This is the only picture taken on that day...I wish I had a picture from the amazing night of food, drinks and laughter with my crazy family, but this picture of the cupcakes made for me by my sweet baby sis makes me smile:) LOVE her.

2. I so enjoy finding random, flattering pictures of myself courtesy of my 6 year old...our budding photographer. She calls this one "putting the dog out".

3. I am so excited about my bargain wire basket I found...and so was our cat. Cats are weird. I am convinced this guy is the weirdest.

4. My love and I were able go help out with the Kindergarten snow activity field trip. It was interesting entertainment to say the least.  We had so much fun and our little one loved it!  Here we are on the bus. My husband was amazing with all the kids and one child said he was funnier than any clown..he is pretty funny;)

5. Found some super sparkly vintage buttons...still on condition...just the way I like 'em for creating RustikChic designs.

I hope you're week was fab! 
Do you Instagram?  Look me up! {rustikchic}

life rearranged

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Shop NEWness and GIVEAWAYS!!

Some NEWness in the shop...

...AND a couple RustikChic giveaways going on over with these awesome girls!!


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Letting Go & Embracing the Camera

With the new year I decided I am going to let go of some fears...
One of them is putting myself 'out there'
Whether it be taking risks, being vulnerable, failing, etc.
I just don't want fear to hold me back any more.

So blogging on a more personal, raw level would fall into this category as well as joining
 Embrace the Camera!

I love this picture...
If a snapshot could sum up personalities of my girls,
this one does it.  It also shows the fun we have together! LOVE.

And it leaves me nose-less
Which is always fun for a change, right?