Thursday, April 19, 2012

it's {totally} ok

It's ok that I haven't washed my hair or put on makeup in say... four days. AND that I then posted a picture of myself in all of my glory.

It's ok that my little sister managed to get my husband addicted to The Vampire Diaries.

It's ok that 3/4 length Roxy hoodie I am wearing is not flattering on all.

It's ok that on any given night this week I wanted to choose wine over real food. (I may or may not have)

It's ok that the groomer trimmed off my Scottish Terrier's glorious beard and instead gave her a handlebar mustache...To go with the bandanna I suppose.

It's ok that this morning I hid from a guy who was at my front door only to be completely busted when my husband came and let him in.

It's ok that when receiving the Harry and David Catalog in the mail today I was extremely close to sending myself a gift basket. why do I even get this catalog?

It's ok that I cried and used inappropriate language when Colton Dixon was voted off American Idol tonight.

Finally, it's TOTALLY ok that I spent the time my little was at school to play with my blog header instead of doing laundry...;)

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