Friday, September 28, 2012

a little bit of insta-lately... & happy weekend!

I'm feeling grateful and happy this beautiful Friday:)  

I hope you all have a great weekend!! xo

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life rearranged

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cottage Love

I may need to start calculating 
how much time I actually spend simply,  
thinking. imagining. daydreaming.  

I know it can definitely be 
distracting am sure I could optimize 
that time into some super productive-ness, 
but I also know some of my best ideas 
and inspiration come during this time.  

Inspiration for 
my family 
my goals
my home 
my business...
my dreams.

Lately my daydreams of cottages 
have become more and more frequent.  
I have always imagined living in 
a cozy little cottage in the 
middle of a big meadow or
on a quaint street
nestled in a massive amount of 
trees surrounded by beautiful 
mountains and countryside.
(oh and don't forget the stream!) 

Just a nice stroll from a sweet 
little town, where I purchase my 
groceries from a family owned store, 
and buy my produce from the local 
farmer's market each weekend.  

It used to be just a nice little thought 
my mind traveled to, 
but it has now become a serious thought.
To simplify, 
to enjoy... 
to escape.

My life is settling down a bit 
after an interesting couple of years.  

The most 
years of my life.  

I find much gratitude in all I 
have learned and experienced...
And the blessings we have received.  

I have learned that life is priceless,
and being happy, doing what you love, 
with those you love is most important. 

That my be why the simple cottage life 
is beckoning me.

Source: via Krista on Pinterest

Though it may not be absolutely possible 
at this time to escape to cottage life, 
there are things that I can do to 
simplify and enjoy where I am at.  

That just may be all my daydreams 

{& my heart} 
are trying to tell me.:)


Thursday, September 20, 2012

4 {pretty} ways to organize your jewelry

1. what was old is new.  Re-purposing a cabinet or cupboard into jewelry storage is a fun way to house your goodies.  This is a dart board cabinet I turned into a jewelry organizer.  It not only displays and stores my jewelry but it looks pretty too:)  

  ***If you'd like some tips oh how to create your own, I am sharing how I made it over at Rags to Stitches today!! Come see how this lovely looked in her previous life...

2. not just in the kitchen. Using vintage kitchen items such as pretty bowls, plates, tea cups or tins is another decorative way to keep your accessories contained.  Here I've used vintage baking tins.  I love the shape and detail of them.  Hold your bracelets, watches and rings in the center then hang your earrings around the edge.

3. lazy all the way. This is a pretty vintage lazy susan relish tray my grandma gave me.  I love the look of it, but didn't use it much. It is perfect to keep smaller pieces, like rings and earrings separate and you can give her a little spin to easily get to what you need.  I see similar wood pieces like this with compartments, all the time at thrift stores.

4. stack 'em high.  Here I have stacked my bracelets and cuffs on a replica antique spool candle holder.  Using spools like this or any candle holder keeps your arm candy nicely displayed together.

Displaying jewelry like this not only keeps it organized so you can see what you have, but it becomes art or decor itself.  Why not display our pretties even when we aren't wearing them?  ...Do you have any creative ways you display or store your jewelry? I'd love to see!