Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Few Things...

First of all... I am so over the top excited about my new blog design by Colleen!  Isn't it soo pretty?!  She is amazing and talented and so sweet and good to work with. She did a perfect job of bringing my 'um's' and 'maybe's' and 'I don't know's' to life. LOVE it. Also? I kinda want to be her friend in real life.  She is pretty much the coolest. 

Click it! :)

Next... My mom and I are hoarders.  Yep, Hoarders.  Of home decor mostly.  We had a garage sale yesterday and after going through storage and cleaning out my craft studio, I've realized we may absolutely have a problem. Oh, & garage sales are a lot of work.

And Finally... The lovely Manda from For Love of a Cupcake is hosting her sponsor giveaway and you could win a $20 Rustik Chic shop credit among some other awesome goodies!! 

Happy Sunday!!


  1. Love! We ARE friends, I bet we will have a run in one day!! xoxox

  2. Pretty indeed! Love your style. P.S. I'm a hoarder of home decor and in process of simplifying, too. You're not alone. :) - Christie@EyesOnSparrow

  3. yes your blog is beautiful! new follower..stop by mine if you like:)