Thursday, March 14, 2013

Patio Love

Although I know it is temporary, the weather the last couple days has got me dreaming of summer nights on a pretty patio. We love spending time on ours and usually enjoy our meals outdoors when the weather agrees. Right now it's pretty basic, but I've been blowing up my outdoor decor board on Pinterest with ideas on how to create an even more enjoyable outdoor space.  Pretty colors, soft textiles, happy lights, candles, climbing vines...dreamy right?

Turning any outdoor space into a comfortable place to enjoy is like adding another room to your home.  Even the smallest little space can be transformed into a private little retreat by using things like a privacy trellis and potted plants.  In a well covered area even using indoor furniture outdoors can add a unique and cozy touch.  Check out my "Outdoor Decor" board on Pinterest to see some more inspiration I have found.

Do you have an outdoor space you enjoy?

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  1. Oh yes!!! Falling in love with all these images....I wonder where they keep all the toys, lol... My yard is usually covered with bright yellow diggers! Thanks for linking up :)