Monday, February 20, 2012

Music Monday!

I love music

All kinds of music.

Music is a beautiful art form...a creative self expression. I love the poetry in a lyric, the story to be told...I love that a few notes, or simple words pieced together in an inspired way can stir up so much energy and emotion.  It is amazing to me that I can hear a song from years ago and have it evoke an exact feeling I had at that time in my life. 

I have been enjoying Music Mondays over at Sugar Blossom Boutique.  Danielle shares some great music each Monday and has a link up! I have yet to link up, but since this song has taken over my life(haha), I decided to join the fun:) 
I have found so many great artists and songs from social media, so I love this idea Danielle has:)

I love this song(it was written for the Breaking Dawn soundtrack), and I recently found this video of the talented Ryan O'Neal beautifully playing and singing his work of art. I have been enjoying it over and over again...LOVE.  I also love that my Mister loves it too and sings it to me and randomly texts me parts of the lyrics ...he knows the way to my heart:)

Beautiful, right?


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