Friday, August 31, 2012

Postcard Pretties

A couple weeks ago I saw a link up on  Manda's blog for a postcard swap. I immediately thought of my 3rd grade pen pal, Kate from Wisconsin. I seriously would get SO excited to get the mail hoping to find a new letter from my pen pal. It was so intriguing and interesting for me to learn all about her and life and this foreign land called "Wisconsin".;) She lived on a real working farm and I loved reading what her day to day was like compared to mine.  I especially love getting pictures...  Sort of the same thing with blogging.  It's so fun to connect with people you would otherwise never meet and to see places through pictures you may never see.  To get a glimpse into their lives.  or I may just be a nosey stalker and I justify this way. 

Anyway, this post card exchange was a fun way to 'meet' yet another fabulous friend...

I was paired up with sweet Megan from It's Good to be Queen. She is awesome, you should definitely go visit her blog.

I was so happy to see this postcard in my mailbox...just like 3rd grade;)  

I loved the postcard picture.  I enjoy traveling to new places and experiencing new cities...I have never been to Ohio so it was great to get a visual of her town as I was reading her note.  She shared a great quote with me, and we learned that we are both quote junkies.

This was really fun and it makes me want to send more cards and notes through the mail. My kids were crazy jealous of my postcard too, so I thought how fun it would be for them to have pen pals?!  I have some good friends from when we lived in other states so I thought we could start some pen pal action with their kids.  I told my girls and they were excited...  

Me:  "Hey girls, we should get you each a pen pal"
Them: "OKAY!! :)...wait. what's a pen pal, Mom?"

Defying Gravity


  1. What a great quote! And post card too, of course. :) I too love having pen pals and going to the mail box. It's like a mini-Christmas sometimes. :)

    Visiting from the post card link up, thanks for sharing!

  2. so cute. what a fun idea. im sure my kids would love it too. they love when they get mail from their teacher in the beginning of the school year =)