Thursday, February 14, 2013

vDay mug swap

Alissa and Caroline had a fun Valentine's Day mug swap and I am so glad I participated!  They paired me up with the lovely Melissa from Truly Chic and we were instantly like long lost friends.:) Don't you just love it when you meet someone like that?  Yeah, she's pretty cool.  Super talented and smart too, so you should go pay her a visit. 

This is what I opened up when my package happy and fun, but it got even better!  

By this point I was seriously giddy.  As a {sort of} grown up mom I am usually the surpriser of girly fun things, so you can imagine my excitement as I opened all of these pretties! I was so happy!

Melissa took the time to personalize it all just for me.  Check out the lace on my happy mug!  Yes, I will be hand washing my mug and leaving the lace on thankyouverymuch.  Because a coffee mug with flow-y pretty lace??  I now believe there is no other way to drink coffee. ;)

Sweet little tags, a pretty floral clothespin, a perfect sized notebook with an awesome quote...Oh, and do you see the little golden pony?  He is magical and I love him. :) 

Thanks again Melissa...and Alissa and Caroline! 

I had so much fun putting together Melissa's gifts too!  Hey, it's not too late to do something sweet for someone feels as good to give love as it does to receive it. Any day of the year.

Happy Valentine's Day Friends!! I hope someone reminds you today how loved you are...


  1. I'm so excited you love your gift. You're awesome.

  2. Oh so much fun in a box! I lve the colorful mug and that journal is ah-ma-zing(:

  3. cute! one of my favorite colors too!